Serving the District of St. John the Baptist Parish

        The District Attorney's office is proud to represent the parish wide law

enforcement interests of the people of St. John Parish. The office is responsible

for the prosecution of criminal statutes for all of  St. John the Baptist Parish,

from acts of terrorism to public corruption, white-collar crime, organized crime

and gang activities, internet-related crimes, drug activities and many other criminal acts.


 The Office serves as the general legal advisor to all entities of Parish government and the prosecutor of all crimes

committed in the Fortieth Judicial District.  


        The Office handles through its Divisions, the handling of Hot Checks, Child Support Enforcement, Pre-Trial Intervention, Victims Assistance and the Felony Unit.


     The Office serves the largest citizen population of the River Parishes, maintaining an East Bank office in La Place and a West Bank office in Edgard


    In those roles, the office is committed to being accountable und responsive to the people of St.John the Baptist Parish by ensuring the fair and impartial administration of justice for all citizens,