Mission Statement


    The mission of the St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s Office is to pursue truth and justice in a professional and competent manner,  to advocate on behalf of victims, to foster a work environment that allows all employees the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential and to make St. John the Baptist Parish a safer community for all of its residents.

    We will, to the best of our abilities and resources, protect the public from individuals who choose to engage in criminal activity, and/or endanger, threaten or degrade the safety and security of our parish.

    We will serve the public in a courteous manner and protect the rights of every citizen under the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Louisiana, as well as, our local parish ordinances.

    We will enforce the law in a manner that is just and fair in order to maximize public safety and minimize victimization. 

    We are the last line of defense between individuals who violate the law and law abiding citizen.

 MOTTO:  We are Ministers and Champions of Justice